About Komponent Works

About Komponent Works

We are a team of game designers from the Swedish island Gotland. We recently welcomed a talented German agile coach into our company, continuing century old traditions of Gotlandic businesses collaborating with Germans.

Our Journey

Our Journey

Making Gather Spaces internally at Uppsala University

January 2021 - September 2021

During the COVID pandemic, the Department of Game Design at Uppsala University started using Gather. Soon other people at the university learned of it and we started selling overtime hours internally making Gather maps.


Jul 2015 - Aug 2019

September 2021 - December 2019

On the backs of our work at UU, we got the opportunity to build a massive event venue for UPPSTART, Sweden's largest tech start up conference. This experience gave us the confidence to give this Gather thing a shot.

Company Registration & Gather Ambassador Status

March 2022 - Present

We started our company in March 2022 and promptly became Gather Ambassadors, an honor we hold dearly to this day.

Merging with Gathletics

January 2023

Kilian, a trained agile coach and facilitator, joined Komponent Works. With Gathletics he has been a cornerstone of the Gather community for a long time. With our combined strengths we will provide innovative, Komponent-based office experience using Gather.


Tiled Mapmaker


Rive Animation

Affinity Designer


Game Design

Scrum Facilitation


Sound Design


Video Editing


© 2023 Komponent Works

© 2023 Komponent Works

© 2023 Komponent Works

© 2023 Komponent Works