Work Better Digitally

We help people work better digitally by providing digital offices that promote empathy and grant agency.

We made spaces for:

Just like in real life

Talk and see each other when you get close - just like in real life!

Everyone has their desk. See that people are still in another meeting room rather than guessing. See people walk up to your ongoing conversation so you can stop that office gossip in time.

Work, Meet, Jam, Play: All from the same space

Not only a space for desks and video calls

Create a modern digital workspace with dedicated areas to hang out during lunch and with cool activities to do with your colleagues on Friday afternoons as well as a great experience for customers and partners.

Screen share simultaneously

No need to ask your colleagues to stop sharing their Screen.

In your Gather.Town office, multiple people can share their screen at once. There is no more need to start and stop screen sharing every 30 seconds.

Your Office, Your Brand

Your Office should be unique to your company

Our office spaces are branded according to your company’s identity and visual style.Not only does this give your colleagues a place they can be proud to be working from. It also creates an appropriate place for you to host customers and partners.

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