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Gatherlytics now has a new way to visualize the people in your Gather space!

What is new?

Instead of just showing you a long list of all connection and disconnection events, we now show a list of users that were in your space in the selected time period. For each user we show:

  • Whether the user is online

  • Name of the user

  • Total time in space

  • First time joining the space

  • Last time leaving space (if the user isn't currently online)

  • User's UID

Why is this useful?

You can now easily see for how long a given user was in your Gather space. Since you can download the data as a .csv, you can calculate average time in space for users that visit an event you are hosting.

In an office context, you can use this new feature to see when people are showing up to work, and for how long they are staying. We do not use this feature in a controlling manner internally. Instead we use it to look at "time in space".

Our philosophy is to provide useful data about your Gather office without introducing toxic incentives or KPIs into Gather office environments. We will do some more testing and collect user feedback before making a decision whether this feature is in line with our philosophy or not.

Try it out!

To try this out and get analytics for your own Gather space, sign up here.

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